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Orsina Musy
Director, videographer

Anthropology Student
2012-13 Master at the University of Neuchâtel.
Bachelor in Social and Political Sciences obtained in 2012 at the University of Lausanne.
Obtained federal maturity in 2008, Bugnon Gymnasium Bear Square,
(work of maturity in video – script, filming, storyboard, montage – receipt with mention)
(awarded the art history prize)
Rewarding experiences
– Realization of a video documentary on the city of Marinaleda in Spain. Travelogues filmed in Japan, Canada and the USA. Documentary on New York freegans.
– Participation in the international student movement “Bologna burns”, an audience at the University of Lausanne, organization of debates and conferences.
– Participation winter 2009 -prime 2010 to the creation and the diffusion of the newspaper of
students mobilized “indisciplinarity”.
– Member of the student association “Groupe Regards critiques”, organization of debates and conferences.
– 2011 participation in the “writer for a day” contest, among the 5 texts selected by the jury.
– 2011-2012 programming and short film realization for the alternative film club “Pavé cinéma”
– 2014 travels (Turkey, Czech Republic), community life experiences, co-founder member and facilitator of a self-directed writing workshop (“des.cris.vains” at the “locamotive” squat) and animation of free dance sessions ( “Free dance”) in the same place, member of a feminist self-defense atlier at the squat “la laitie”. Audiovisual collective creations in Brussels.
Salary experiences
– October 2012-April 2013: academic drawing template for Céruléum, Térard, the Magnolias, the free atelier of vers-chez-les-blancs, the Bugnon gymnasium
– Placeuse at the Théâtre du Passage, Neuchâtel2012
– November 2011 to May 2012: Administrator and projectionist at the Cityclub cinema in Pully 41 (0) 21 711 31 91
– October-November: cashier, waitress, reception at the Pathé Galleries cinema, Lausanne. 41 (0) 21 614 33 33
– 2008 to November 2009: Writing articles for Amnesty International as part of volunteer writing.
– June-July: cashier at Denner, route de Genève 90 A 1004 Lausanne 41 (0) 21 625 45 11
– June: Auxiliary waitress at la Folie Voltaire, café in Mon-Repos Park, Lausanne (employer: Delphine Veillon, 41 (0) 21 652 45 65
– December: help with confection for the “Sonja, dessert & health” pastry range. (employer: Sonja Henauer, 41 (0) 79 256 14 74, Production workshop: Rue Davel 30, 1096 Cully)
Internships and training
– Internship creation and maintenance of website with Dreamweaver, socio-cultural center South Pole Lausanne. November 2008.
– Projectionist training at Zinéma, Lausanne, 2006.
– Stage gathering wild edible and medicinal plants with Françoise Marmy, 2008.
– French mother language)
– fluent English)
– German (B2)
– Spanish (B2)

Marine Koenig
Director, videographer

Born in 1986 in Vevey (Switzerland), Marine Koenig moved to Belgium in 2010 to finish her master’s degree in criminology.
In 2011, Marine integrates the INSAS section realization. Her third-year film is selected at the 67th Locarno Festival, in the Pardi di domani section.
Today, Marine works on various projects mixing disciplines, including through the establishment of a collective structure whose premises are established in Brussels.