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Our Vision

  • Universality
  • Intemporaly
  • Sharing
  • Exploration

The Company Richard Kabore draws inspiration from a multi-and interdisciplinary vision of the Movement and Stage Arts. Its primary objective is to capture, share and transmit universal and timeless memory of body language.

“Our body does not question if it’s about past, present or future – it just expresses it”.

Movement and Stage Art is a living art. Body language is a very complete communication tool. Thus, communication, verbal or non-verbal, uses many expression vectors : movement, mime, theatrical expression, individual, collective or cultural gesture expressing our body, mind and memory.

L’art du mouvement et de la scène est un art vivant. Le corps, est un outil de communication à part entière. La communication, verbale ou non-verbale, passe ainsi par maints vecteurs expressifs : le mouvement, le mime, l’expression théâtrale, la gestuelle individuel ou collectif, culturelle. Ces vecteurs sont l’expression du corps, de l’esprit et de la mémoire.

The main objective of the company is to fuse these different vectors in a global expressive potential by deliberately emphasizing their complementarity.

In materializing the creative encounter between the different communites of Movement and Stage Arts, such as dance, theater, martial arts and acrobatics, mime, sign language, the Company Richard Kaboré seeks to situate its creation space at the crossroads of the different artistic and scientific disciplines focusing on body expression and to promote an intense artistic exchange through an interdisciplinary approach.